Motor phase protection (DZ15Q)

Motor phase protection (DZ15Q)
Motor phase protection (DZ15Q)

product description

DZ15Q lack of automatic circuit breaker is for the 50HZ, 380V AC circuit in the motor from the role of the protection of a new type of circuit breaker.

Modern industry, the cause of motor burned mainly for the following reasons:

◎ contactor contact in a phase due to the impact of arc wear and tear, resulting in motor phase loss.

◎ Lead wire loosening to the motor contactor caused by lack of phase.

◎ transformer end of the high-voltage drop-out insurance or low-voltage isolation fuse phase caused a large area plant phase loss.

◎ motor due to internal bearing wear and stuck caused by stall.

Above the first three causes more than 90% of the motor burned, DZ15Q in modern industry, the phenomenon of motor burned play a significant protective effect, so as to bring convenience to the production unit.

Comparison of Wiring Modes with Conventional Protective


Figure A: peripheral auxiliary devices, an increase of user cost; auxiliary circuit contacts, hidden dangers, only a professional electrician know how to install or repair.

Figure B: easy to use, no professional electricians can also be installed independently.

working environment

◎ Elevation: The altitude of the installation site is not more than 2000 meters.

◎ Ambient temperature: the upper limit is not higher than +40 ℃, the lower limit of not less than -5 ℃.

◎ relative humidity: not more than 70%.

◎ no significant shaking and shock vibration of the place.

◎ no explosion hazard of the medium, and the media is not enough to corrode and destroy the insulation of the gas and conductive dust place.

◎ no rain and snow invasion of the place.

Type and basic parameters

1. Model meaning

DZ15Q 型号含义

2. Multi-function automatic switch basic parameters

Lack of phase action time ≦3S Rated voltage 380V
Rated frequency 50HZ
Rated current 40A、100A、160A Overcurrent releaseRated current 40A、100A、160A

3. Circuit breaker over-current trip characteristics

Rated current multiple of release Action time
1.2 <20 minutes
1.5 < 3minutes
6.0 < 1second
12.0 < 0.2second

4. The electrical and mechanical life of the circuit breaker is 10,000 times.


Circuit breaker wiring is completed, press the button after the first test under the power, if the release action, the circuit breaker automatically cut off to prove that the normal use of circuit breakers when the regular test to check. If quality problems need to be replaced in time.

Mechanical Dimensions

model power Dimensions Functional Overview
RC15-40/390 0.75-18.5KW 19.5 7.8 6.8 Phase, idling, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage protection as a whole
DZ15QL-40/390 0.75-7.5KW 19.5 7.8 6.8 Lack phase (with L for leakage protection)
DZ15QL-100/390 9-18.5KW 22.5 9.5 7.5
DZ15Q-160/390 18-55KW 22.5 10.7 8.7 Phase protection
DZ15D-40/390 0.75-11KW 19.5 7.8 6.8 Phase, transition adjustable function (with L for the leakage protection)
DZ15D-100/390 1.1-22KW 22.5 9.5 7.5
Motor phase protection (DZ15Q)
Motor phase protection (DZ15Q)

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